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Niemann-Pick Type C

CHILDREN AND ADULTS are in the fight of their lives against fatal
Niemann-Pick Type C

Without treatment and a cure they will lose their ability to move, speak, eat, breathe and live.
This disease strikes all ages, most frequently children.

It's the short term memory loss of Alzheimer's, the tremors of Parkinson's
and the systemic decline of ALS. 

Two experimental medicines patients rely on to slow the disease are at risk of being taken away.

They need your help to stay alive. 

Meet Marian

Marian McGlocklin was diagnosed with fatal Niemann Pick Type C at 18 months old. Thanks to one of the experimental medicines that is now at risk, today she is 6 years old. 
She is the inspiration behind the creation of Hope For Marian Foundation which works hand and in hand and supports hundreds of Niemann-Pick Type C families.

Hope For Marian focuses on advancing disease awareness, patient advocacy and patient access to medicines for NPC through special campaigns like Save Our Medicine and Don't Give Up on NPC.

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Hope for Marian Research Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization intent on finding a cure and support patient access to treatments for NPC. Your gift is fully tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Our tax identification number is 82-2329864. Your donation will support patient access and research to find a cure for Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC).

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