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Kendall, age 6

Wrightwood, CA

Kendall is 6 years old and is very gentle and loving.  She enjoys singing and coloring, she loves laughing and being with her brothers and sister, Brynne.  She has a tender and strong spirit that is magnetic, those who she is around adore her sweetness!  


At the age of 4 she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease(Chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive track), which is more common in kids with NPC and causes Kendall intense discomfort.  Kendall's parents also noticed she began having difficulty learning new skills but was still able to do so, more slowly, through her determination. 


Kendall and Brynne's parents fought for answers for years. In December 2016,  a pediatric neurologist was able to see big sister Brynne. 

However, when the doctor met Kendall he knew what was effecting them both, and it was a parent's nightmare. After noticing some similar symptoms between both sisters he said words their parents will never forget, “this changes everything.”  Within a few weeks results came in, and devastatingly enough, positive for Brynne and even Kendall too.

Today both Brynne and Kendall receive experimental treatments of VTS-270 to slow the progression of NPC, which is helping them tremendously, while their family fights for a cure for their girls and NPC. 

Read more about Brynne and Kendall's journey.

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