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Jeg, age 4


Jeg was born with no health issues and developed normally but at the age of 2, he developed rectal skin tags. This was the beginning of over 2 years of medical appointments and diagnostic testing. When he was almost 3 they found he had an enlarged spleen during an exam. Following almost a year of watching his spleen stay enlarged and his bottom get worse, at the age 4 in October 2017 he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, followed by being diagnosed with NPC in December 2017. Jeg has a slight downward eye movement issue, a small cognitive response time delay, a slight awkward running and jumping gait, and fine motor skills delay.

Every 2 weeks Jeg receives a shot in his leg for his treatment of his Crohn’s Disease and every 2 weeks he receives a spinal tap of VTS-270 at Rush Hospital in Chicago. So far treatments for both diseases are going well.

Jeg is flourishing at preschool and is ready to start kindergarten in the fall, ready to race his junior dragster when he turns 5 in June and is eager for t-ball to start this summer. He has the biggest heart and is one of the most caring little boys you will ever meet. His big sister Claire is always there to cheer him on no matter what it is he is doing.

Read more about Jeg and his journey. 

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